What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. Triglycerides are fatty acids. Fatty acids are the compounds that make up fats. When you ingest foods, the body metabolizes fats into their constituent fatty acids. Glucose, a simple sugar, is your body’s preferred energy source but it will happily use fatty acids if they are in abundance.

No drowsy feelings, no crash

Good News MCT is 100% Natural and Most Report 0 Side Effects! One of the biggest reasons people use this oil is for the boost in energy due to fat oxidation; the oil breaks down fat into a usable energy source.

How To Take MCT Oil

MCT Oil shouldn’t be taken straight from the bottle. I suggest that take it at one tablespoon in the morning with your coffee.

Great For Weight Loss

In a blind study (participants didn’t know which oil they had) researchers noted that subjects that used MCT oil didn’t accumulate as much fat as those who cooked with olive oil.

Boost Your Energy

Be a “Rockstar” With More than “5 Hours” of Energy with MCT Oil. MCT oil isn’t not a synthetic drug, it’s occurs naturally in coconuts and butter. Energy is created and consumed on a cellular level.

I have lost 8 pounds EFFORTLESSLY. I did not reduce my calorie intake, at least not intentionally
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